Many alternatives for parking and transportation in and around Downtown Annapolis have been arranged to make your visit as smooth as possible. We’ve put together our suggestions for parking along with links to all relevant parking information on this page!

We offer free 1-hour parking vouchers at Noah Hillman Garage, Gott's Garage, Knighton Garage or Park Place Garages available for customers making a purchase. 

1. Noah Hillman Garage

The Noah Hillman Garage is the closest to our store and is just a 5-minute walk away. Located at 150 Gorman Street, this garage is a great option for access to downtown Annapolis.

2. Gott's Garage

Gott's Garage is just a 8-minute walk away from our store. Located at 25 West Street, this garage is a great option for quick access to Main Street, the Art’s District on West Street plus many other shops and restaurants. 

3.Calvert Street Garage

The Calvert Street garage is an 8 minute walk from our store. From 6 pm on Friday until 6 pm Sunday, parking is completely free! The garage is closed to the public throughout the rest of the week. Located at 19 Saint Johns Street, this garage is a great alternative for easy access. 

4.King George Street Garage

The stretch of King George Street from across College Creek up to College Avenue has free 9-hour parking 7 days a week. It is about a 10 minute walk to our store.

More options:

Whitmore Garage

The Whitmore Garage is located just across the street from Gott's Garage and is just about an 8-minute walk as well. Located at 25 Clay Street. 

Metered Parking

There will continue to be on street parking spots throughout the surrounding areas of Downtown Annapolis including lots like City Dock, Basil Lot and the Donner Lot. Additionally, there will be metered parallel parking in Residential Zones 1 & 2, which includes many of the surrounding local streets in DTA. You can download the Parkmobile App to pay for your meter.

Free Shuttle Service and More

Access Annapolis has done a wonderful job putting together shuttle routes and an electric trolley option to transport people from garages that are slightly further from downtown to a number of stops throughout the city.

Click here to see all of their options for parking and transportation and explore more information on their website! 

Here's a map of the garages that have shuttle service (purple line) and a map of the Annapolis Circulator electric trolley route (blue line):



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