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    It all started back in 1969 when Brian Mitchell, a British physician, and his wife Jan opened The Annapolis Pottery in a tiny building on Cornhill Street in the heart of the Annapolis historic district.  Visitors would often drop by the watch Brian and Jan practicing their craft, and to catch up on the local news of the day.

    Brian & Jan Mitchell

    Brian and Jan retired in 1980, and The Annapolis Pottery was purchased by Bill McWilliams, who had previously been a corporate attorney.  Bill subsequently married Genevieve McWilliams, and together they built on the success that Brian and Jan had begun.

    Genevieve McWilliams

    In 1994, The Annapolis Pottery moved from Cornhill Street to its present location at the corner of State Circle and Francis Street, directly across from the Maryland State House.  Our historic 1850’s building began as a stage coach stop and boarding house, and later became a cafeteria.  For many years, it was home to the Annapolis YWCA, which occupied the building until the Pottery moved in.

    Some say the old building at 40 State Circle is haunted by the ghosts of visitors past.  We can only say that odd noises and footsteps – especially at night – are the norm at the Pottery, and our staff have been spooked many times over the years!  We always joke that our ghosts must have an appreciation for fine ceramics!

    During the summer of 2008, the Pottery was purchased by Patrick and Melanie Murphy as Bill and Genevieve retired and began their world travels. They currently live the good life, and reside on their cozy boat on the River Seine in Paris.

    Pat Murphy

    Today, Melanie runs The Annapolis Pottery day-to-day, and her keen aesthetic and energy are apparent throughout the shop.  Pat can often be found drinking coffee, chatting with customers or wandering around with a cordless drill in his hand.  Pat and Melanie clearly have complementary skills.

    We’re proud of our nearly 50 year history at The Annapolis Pottery, and we’re delighted to call so many wonderful people our friends and customers.  Pat and Melanie and their talented staff also take great pride delivering great service and ceramics to our customers around the world!

    Patrick & Melanie Murphy